History of SAI School

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1. Educate students for future success.

2. Promote academic excellence and equity for a diverse population of students within the public education system.

3. Excellence and Equity in Education-

SAI School will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure mastery of appropriate skills, ideas, and knowledge for all students, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic and educational background.

SAI School will be responsible for meeting the educational needs of its students without resorting to outside tutoring, provided parents or guardians support the school mission by ensuring home study sessions and homework completion.


1. Students will develop clear and effective written and oral Communication skills using Standard English.

2. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in science and will be able to conduct inquires using the scientific method.

3. Students will learn the Essentials necessary for a healthy safe and physically fit life.

4. Students will recognise the importance of hard work personal responsibility and respect for others.

5.Provide a choice of educational opportunities within a public school for parents, students and educators.

Education for Future Success

The immediate goal of SAI is to prepare students for academic success in their further education, to enable students to keep open a board spectrum of options for their future endeavours and to prepare them to be responsible and productive citizens.

SAIs will give students an early and thorough grounding in reading, writing, mathematics, history, science, so as not to foreclose any future career choice. The school will focus on core knowledge and essential skills so that children may achieve the mastery on which further learning will build. The SAI education program also includes comprehensive health and physical education.

Achievement and Success

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of education. Our high quality learning approach ensures that we help every child to achieve excellence, and to emerge with a healthy understanding of the world that comes from an international school education.

Thanks to the hard work of our Students and teachers. SAI School continues its remarkable academic track record with excellent results.

Annual School Events

We have four major school events which are held Annually and see the communities of our school. Students and teachers take the lead in organising the school festivals in spring, sports Day in fall, and the All school production in winter, while parents are the driving force behind the international fair in November. All four events offer excellent opportunities for students to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last a lifetime.